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As far as I know in my area grey water can be released to the environment as long as it is cleaned and purified first. I’d say at least sand filtration and UV purification. Though it may not be legal to simply run your grey water into the ground near your garden, or into your garden. I doubt the health department would get involved unless someone complained about it. So it would be a matter of not bragging about it unless you hid the fact that the water had not been filtered and purified, before being released into the ground. Though how clean can leach water from your septic be for the ground? They don’t mind if your lawn is watered with leach lines but the garden? Well ya grey water isn’t black water but they still are concerned about watering food bearing plants with it directly.

From the health departments perspective, grey water from the bath tub and bathroom sink is more of an issue than grey water from your cloths washer or kitchen sink or dish washer. Kitchen sink and dish washer being the least concerning. Though they group them all the same to be safe as “needing to be sent down the black water drain, or needing to be filtered and purified”

If anyone is interested I have an article here on filtration/purification in general.

My article on home sewage treatment also. I only mention grey water systems.