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Whoa, Mr Key Master you can’t just dis something as simply as that without adding something to substantiate your claims. I have no idea about Waterwise but the theory sounds good and isn’t far from what I intended to do myself. I would appreciate a bit better explanation as to why YOU think this system is wrong, plus case histories. I am no intellectual but it was always explained to me that you give your sources when you state a fact.

Come on guys it’s not really helpful to simply state..”avoid product X as its crap” If we are ever to get off-grid technology into the mainstream we need a proper scientific approach to the subject and that precludes all petty arguments and simplistic retorts.

The average person is already confused enough by the governments and monopolies that tell us the global situation is probably not too serious so long as shareholder returns are maintained at a suitable level to facilitate future investments. How will we ever get innovation off the ground if all we get are unsubstantiated claims about the technology being developed.


Reveal your sources matey or hold your tongue.