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a grease trap is like a mini septic tank. they come in various sizes. you can install inline at end of discharge. i would keep it in habitable space or 4-6 feet below grade to protect from freezing. but in a location that can be cleaned.

they’re not cheep about 300-400 would buy a size suitable for a 3br 2ba house. this size is about 24 in long 18 wide and about a foot deep. for a 1000 you can put in a septic as a trap.

i personally opted for a septic for domestic water waste. and have a collection system similar to dustoffer for garden and guest (future) house. i plan on that structure to be a foundation that is built as a concrete cistern under the house. the cistern will actually be built in 3 separate compartments. one for potable water, one for fish for an aquaponic system. and 3rd for backup to 1 or 2.

just some ideas.

cheers gordo