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Hi Guys and thanks for your reply’s. All very helpful and given me a few ideas. Here are the exact makes of my genset and charger/inverter.

The genset is a KDE6700T. Manufacturer page here :

The combi charger / inverter is a Power Star W7. Some info here but I can’t find the manufacturers page :

I read on a forum that it is almost an exact Chinese copy of a Sterling Combi S :

It does indeed look almost identical right down to the stickers. The whole Chinese product copies is a seperate debate. I just buy what is available locally. Which tendds to be pretty limited.

One this I never thought off was DC charging until I saw it mentioned in your post elnav. My generator has 12V DC output. So would it be possible to use this to charge my batteries? Through some kind of charge controller?

Someone reasonably local is selling a wind turbine and charge controller that I was considering buying. The charge load controller is this one from Coleman Air.

I guess something a bit meatier (especially as I want to add solar panel when we can afford them) suck as this would be better.

But in theory could I run the genset through a load controller such as these ones and charge the betteries that way. So effectively not use the charge feature of the combi charger / inverter and just use it as an inverter?

I hope that makes sense and thanks again for all you help. I feel like I am getting somewhere now even if it means buying a bit more kit along the way.