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yes you can arrange manual transfer switches. I have seen some that used hand cut plates to block the appropriate breaker toggles to prevent inadvertent contact closure at the wrong time. Any genset can be modified to drive a big alternator. When it is not practical to belt drive something because the radial load is excessive drive a jack shaft with a lovejoy coupling or similar. Then install belt and pulley on jackshaft to suit. I have used such arrangements to provide for 400 amps at 24V from dual alternators or 300 A and a water maker from a 10HP kubota diesel. At home I have a 1 cyl Yanmar clone with dual belt sheave to power two different alternators. One can be 12V and one can be 24V or both can be the same for double the current.

Biggest problem is adjusting output so they do not stall engine with overload.