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Hi elnav,

Thanks for your reply, yes i know its not as simple as plugging it all in together. I was hoping to use the solar panels as primary source to charge my battery bank through a PWM charger to run simple lights and a freezer. With the Kipor Genset to run my workshop, welding and cutting gear and bulk charge the batteries at the same time, I know the diesel gensets like to be loaded. All of this i am intending to run through manual change over switches or interlocked contactors. Do you think this is possible?? I am a compitant (and qualified) electrican and just want a simple reliable system. I know none of this stuff is cheap so I would be grateful for any advice before i go an burn a load of cash on stuff that aint up to the job.

Any advice would be appreciated, I would be very interested to hear more about DC charging from a genset, do you think its possible to do from a kipor KDE6700TA, I know its a bit large for domestic use but its the smallest i could find with anysort of sound proofing, plus i got it for a good price nearly new.