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Why make it complicated? Simply bypass the transfer switch. ‘Fooling’ the transfer switch is going to get complicated because the transfer logic often looks for power quality so you cannot use a cheap MSW inverter. It has to be a pure sinewave inverter. And to what end? You say the generator is running your house now.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like you anticipate using some kind of -grid-tie solar system ‘kit’ which is connected as AC power source which is selected by your transfer switch, when the sun is shining. I have been doing off-grid power system designs ever since I stopped working for Xantrex (statpower) some 10 years ago.

Your approach sounds overly complicated which means overly expensive not to mention complicated and more prone to problems requiring time consuming trouble shooting. I could probably help you but this forum text window is too constraining with its tiny text size. I word with CAD converted to PDF drawings and WORD documents. About half of my customers require 230V 50 Hz systems. A recent system design built in Turkey had to be examined and approved by Lloyds of London insurance before construction began