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Ron’s situation is by no means unique so I am posting some comments for the use of others. The first question can you use an MSW inverter to fool the transfer switch. That depends on the intelligence of the logic. Power line quality assessment is coming down in price to the extent it is cheap to include in the design. the reason being you do not want the transfer switch to toggle on poor quality power such as may exist during power system switching and fault clearing. Inverters that include integral transfer switches usually do not initiate a transfer untill 8-10 seconds after clean power has been restored.

Much depends on the style of transfer. If it is seamless transfer phase matching has to occur first.

I have seen first hand what happens when out of phase cross connections happen. The IGBT vaporize then explode spraying molten metal in all directions.

Second thought. If the other alternative is OFF-GRID such as wind or solar there is no need to feed their output through the transfer switch if their output can be fed directly to the battery. Buying solar panels or 220V wind turbine such as grid tie uses is needlessly expensive.

More details of the generac itself is neeeded.