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Yes we have quite a number of black bears living on our property a least two mothers have a pair a cubs every year. Were you in Engineering in Xantrex? I understand they have a very good line of inverters but quite expensive.

I have been looking at appollo

It appears to be similar and a little less money.

But I thought of playing around with the MSW inverter as their cost is a 1/4 of the price and can be a recycled if they give trouble with out costing you much. Did you ever try and put a transformer directely on the output of an inverter and have a look at the wave form ( I would not suspect it would change much)and or used a charger as an DC inverter supply for test purposes??

I currently spend our winters on Saltspring Island as my parents are still alive and we have not sold our house.

we are in the process of having a 28 square foot (2 floors) garage/storage built on the mussel beach property next to our house, it is located about mid property directly above the water front on top of the ridge were the campground road is very close to the water edge if you can remember the area.

I am going to have to supply power to it as well.

By wiring the Generac Generator transfer switch the way you suggested would mean removing the module and rewireing the generator as 12dc volts runs from the module to the transfer switch to operate the switching solinoids so I think I will first try using there wiring method. I could not get any info out of Generac as they said any sue of their system without grid supply and not hooked up as the instructions say avoids the waranttee. They would not even talk further even if a signed a waver.?? I also can not find info on the net for the model I have but they do have manuals for the water cooler larger models which I can get some info from.