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Yes we camped there. In fact we still get a chuckle out of remembering. After we got the camp set up and dinner cooking on the BBQ my daughter freaks out

Daddy Daddy ther’s a bear! Well gee! its a small black bear probably just a yearling and its 1000 feet away upwind. The bear is slowly ambling along the shore flipping rocks looking for dinner. If it keeps following the shore it isn’t likely to get closer than 100 yards and still upwind. But my daughter (raised in town) is still freaking out. Sure enough the bear didn’t seem to notice us and eventually we had our hamburgers in peace.

I have had bears leave muddy paw prints on my RV door so this wasn’t even a close encounter for me. My daughter who grew up in Toronto is more of a suburbanite. I now live in Hazelton east of Prince Rupet. Spent five years in lower mainland while working for Xantrex.