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Yes we own Mussel Beach property and I have develpoed the campground from scatch as my retirement project for the 16 years, my daughter and her husband is now managing the campground shown in Our web site.

which is near Ucluelet on the north side of Barkley sound, have you camped with us?

Thank you for your Idea, that also makes good sense. I will have to rethink the syetem in that way?? I have thought of using 12 volt dc solinoids to switch inverter DC input power Remotely (positive lead) off at night so it does not consume battery power sitting idle. I am hoping that the generator will not be used that often except to bank up battery power when the does not shine for many days and no wind also am planning to run a hot that I am planning purchase.

I collest rain water off our metal roof (6000 gals storage) to provide us with water which only uses a 12volt dc pump giving us 35 lbs preasure very simple system.