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Musselbeach? Would that by chance be the one near Uklulet ?

I’m thinking it would be convenient to use the genset as the ‘grid’ power inlet. When this shuts off, the transfer switch toggles over to solar, which would connect to genset input. When solar develops sufficient power a simple relay could signal the transfer switch to toggle back to disconnect the genset. Another relay could signal genset stop as needed.

Generally these automated transfer switches are set up to start genset when grid power fails. However you do not have utility grid connection.

You could also provide control circuit board power from your battery pacck so it retains power at all times.

Now I understand your comment about a transformer however it is not to provide good grounding but to deliver 120V for utility 120V. I do exactly the same on my boat systems destined for american owners who insist on using american appliances while overseas.

It also comes in handy off-grid where the deep submerged pump needs 230v to start. The uncle has such a system on his 350 foot deep well on the homestead. Everything else except the dryer and jacuzzi is 120V.