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I am living in canada were we have 60 hz system and grid power is 230vac/115vac split phase.

The Generac system control module needs 220vac power to operate the generator maintenance reading and warning light system eg. teperature,battery,oil preasure etc. but one can run it on manual like we are doing (with out the module readings}now but I also have to use a seperate battery charger to keep the start battery banged up because the one in the generator runs from one side of the (hydro side) which can also be run from an inverter (??) like I want to and it would also be nice to have the generator automatic back up if I am not there to do the manual switching (wife at home) and I still need to use a box and cct. breakers to do all the connections. So if the switch could be contolled by the controller it make my life easier. The controller only has a 220 transformer to reduce the power to 24v to run the controller and to signal the transfer swtch to operate when that 220 fails. I all ready have a MSW 5000 watt 220vac 2 wire inverter which I am going to put a 220 to 110vac transformer to power the house as I do not need 220 into the house as all major appiances run off propane. The house will only be reguiring 1500 watts at any one time, most off the time around 550 watt as all out lighting is LED or low power floresent

the largest items being micrwoave,washing maching,vacume cleaner,tv,computer etc. ( not all running at same time)

The inverter runs off 24 volt 500 watt hour Battery bank which is charged by 1000 watt solar panels and 500 watt wind turbine. A 40 amp 24 vdc charger run off the generator pwr is my back up.

I hope that clears up some of thinking????