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Wow! I love that TSW3224! I have had twin com linked DR2424s for 14 years, with 115VAC charging from a Generac 4000XL (done manually). The DR2424s also have built in transfer switches.

The thing I like about the TSW3224 is that it would replace both DR2424s with the 240VAC 180* out of phase I need for my well pump. It would take up half the space.

I tried using the generac’s 230VAC output for charging, but it is a three wire system which was incompatible to the 240VAC 4 wire system. So when I am charging the batteries with the generac, I use the 115VAC instead and the pump won’t work unless I shut off the switch from the generac or just unplug the 12′ special cord.

Originally a comparable SW4000 was more money ($23-2500) and required a step up transformer ($700) and a lot more room.

With the TSW3224, it looks like the time to change is now!!!

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