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This is close to what I am using. To use the jars I drilled a hole in the normal flat and used plastic sprayer fittings. The fittings are L-shaped with a normal 1/2″ hose barb on one side and thread and nut on the other. I used some rubber washers and screwed the nut tight. Then just screw the lids on using normal rings until hand tight. The vacuum then pulls out through the fitting into 1/2″ plastic tubing secured with hose clamps. The other side of the tubing fits the tubes coming out of the manifold on the Flexidry.

You do have to keep the vacuum running the entire time. You can tell the food is dry when you can no longer feel any cold in the food when you pull it out. Sometimes I have to leave it in the jar for a second cycle. Especially very wet, dense foot like tuna.

I don’t know if this is the site where I bought the pump, but this is the pump I have: