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project ????

Maybe we could help better if we knew what exactly the project entailed.

If the object is simply to get freeze dried foods why not just go buy it.

If the object is to go ‘bunker mentality’ and prepare for 2012 survival mode where you have to manage after the earth stands still that’s another matter.

In that case you need to completely revise your thinking about reliance on ANY technology. That being the case I suggest going to low technology magazine or its companion publication ‘No technology’ magazine for ideas.

My goal in going off-grid is being able to live in places where the power lines have not reached as yet. Its nice to occasionally get into town and enjoy some of the benefits of moderen tecnology. Soft ice cream is something rather difficult to make economically off-grid. Although my wife is a superb cook a nice italian dinner is also a nice change. Even if she can serve moose 101 way and makes a delicious salmon quiche sometimes a good restaurant meal would be nice.