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#1 yes most alternators are designed to deliver 3 phase power but rarely in the quantity needed for freeze drying. It is the diodes (rectifiers) that converts it to DC.

Water turbines intended for driving electrical loads are often wired for single phase. The reason being most consumer products are single phase. Many residential electricians are unfamiliar with 3 phase and are reluctant to get involved. We are seeing more and more big yachts (100 feet and up ) with 3 phase power becaause it is much more economical. I did a design for a 127 footer several years ago which was just launched. It had 3 phase power. When I was aboard a Coast Guard cutter I noted that it was wired 3 phase. Incidentally it had no battereies for starting. Instead they used compressed air. Where 120V light fixtures were used they always installed three lights in a group. Each 120V fixture was connected on a different phase.