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Your OBC certified inspector will not due to liabilities

give you much advise any more. This all changed about 6 years

ago. You give the engineered stamp drawnings done by

you OBC certified P.Eng to your OBC certified builder

who buys OBC certified wood, 2×6’s in this area and he builds

your OBC certified and inspected house preferably with union

labour. For all this you pay for permits and then they turn

around and stick up your taxes.

Have only ever met 1 inspector that was misrable. He was

a Fire Inspector. When they started enforceing NFPA96 and

every resturant that didn’t have stainless steel fryer hoods

had to comply. $5,000 to $15,000 normal cost. Closed a lot

of resturants.

When I say I’m looking to go off the grid I mean in all the

right (for me) ways.

In the old days you would build yourself a log house

If it fell down on you

you couldn’t sue the designer, the inspector, or the builder

You were responsible and you took responsibility

And of course now you were wiser and built a better one

(If you lived)

Not looking to build a house off-grid

so much as a way of life