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You make it sound like an inspector is always the enemy. Not necessarily true. Standards were developed from hard won experience. In other words until something went wrong, there was no standard. Asking an inspector ahead of time could also save you a lot of grief later on because the inspector will say don’t do this because it will result in so and such. and If you manage to get talking in a friendly way quite often you may hear something like “well if it was me I might do so and such and it is code legal but it will still save you money” On the other hand if you are a hard ass about things and get into an adversarial situation the inspector is just as likely to say “tough luck! Do it as written in the code or else ….”

I have been on both sides of that fence and have seen how it works both ways.

Around her a lot of construction was done buck shee and adecade or two down the road you see the result in problems. These can become more expensive to fix than the original cost to go the extra effort.