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To escape the tenticals of orginized regional districts is almost impossible these days. If you need to be somewhat close to a town for supplies etc. you’ll likely be with-in a regional district. Bylaws such as zoning are available on any regional district website. Sewage is very close to the number one concern in any regional district. Polluting of the water table is a very real thing and it needs to be controled…remember the plage in Britian..and septic systems are that control. You can not legally dispose of gray water on your land with out having a system to deal with it when you live in a regional district let alone sewage. The area in which I have my land falls under a zoning Bylaw called Uplands Resourse the bylaw gives you a varity of things you are allowed to do on the land, and it fits with “my plan”. “Fitting Your Plan”…is a very key thing when your considering living off the grid…you must have a plan… and knowing your zoning should be a key component of your planning. You do not want to piss off your nieghbours by not adhearing to the zoning bylaws in the area of your land. Pissing them off usually ends up with a visit from your friendly bylaw officer from the regional district your in.

I wouldn’t give up on your dream just because you made a mistake on where you bought land. Sell it and start over. Who wants to live near PG anyway!!! I’ve lived there, I know what it’s like. Good luck.