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Hey Rob that’s my friend’s lake. John and Jean Tibbles are good friends of mine and neighbours. To answer your question. Regulations changed a couple of years ago. Too many litle lakes wer getting contaminated by leaching from inadequate sanitation facilities. This lake is the drinking water supply for people using shoreline properties as vacation spots. The outhouse was evidently built before the new regulations came into effect.

Unfortunately your property is too small to accomodate a properly designed lagoon system.

Chubb Lake Camp was originally built some 40 years ago and still have their lagoon system. Last year it was drained, inspected and put back into service.

It was probably inspected by the same Health Inspector you would be dealing with. He seems like a reasonable fellow.

If you had a composting toilet installed you likely would not get hassled by the health department if you put up a small cabin or ‘shed’. Putting in a camping trailer but still on wheels does not constitute a ‘building” and therefore does not fall under the building code as a building.

The intent is to preserve the pristine water quality of the lake. Presumably you also use the lake as a source of washing and drinking water. The Tibbles do.

If you were to start construction of a permanent home which might eventually be occupied by a large family, the Health Authority is saying a proper sewage disposal system is required.

Concerning road access, yes you can still be off-grid even if you can drive in.