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Mike’s disillusionment with local government is not unique to BC or Prince George. However, in the process of helping Cedar Steve find a suitable property I have discovered there are in fact more options that Mike (original poster and thread founder) evidently was not aware of. The key is to gain ‘local’ knowledge from residents as well as checking out local regulations. Temporary and vacation properties often have different rules and restrictions compared to permanent residence situations. Camping out temporarily can be a way to ‘break the ice’ and spend time in the local community and general area. Sometimes you can get permission to camp out somewhere from existing land owners even if that specific property is not for sale. This can be done in a van, RV, trailer or tent while you explore a neighborhood. Camping vehicles are more often than not self contained and would not leave an undesirable ‘footprint” such as garbage or sanitation residue. Long time residents may be able to point out where and how r regulations have built in flexibility not usually mentioned by local government when you first ask.