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I have been looking for 2 years to locate any studies on the health effect of gas lamps, there were a tonne of examples of the effects (see below). I have no doubt if a serious private or govt study was made it would lead to banning them all and not just filament globes with the excuse that it is energy saving. I have a vested interest in solid state lighting, greater efficiency than LED and this all came about because we, like all, had experienced years of abuse under fluoros. There is not enough public ‘noise’ about mercury contamination, poor colour use in offices with fluoros, poor streetlighting with sodiums and enormous wasted old technology energy. Did you know that if these great CFL’s break in your office or home it is extremely dangerous!! Have you ever been around in an office or school when a fluoro breaks!! Ever been around when someone at school or in a supermarket suffers epilepsy fit and think about fluoros. Ever been around when some poor bugger suffers from migraines after reading under fluoros. Forget about that, if you think sitting in an indoor stadium is safe where they don’t use fluoros, check out I have emails from Kellie and at least she has made an effort to move legislation in her own state. Forget that too, have you heard about house fires started by downlights, factory fires started because the lamp in the overhead lights burst at 1,100degC dripping hot glass. Whilst there are billions of $ to be made from junky unhealthy lamps the facts will always be hidden from population until someone has the gumption and collaborate. These are some of the sites I visited