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The stores have to report what? How in the world would they

stay in business and what happen to our constitution?

You couldn’t go to a judge and get a search warrant based

on a store saying they sold you a lamp. What do they do

ask for photo ID. Do the Electrical suppliers have

to report the sale of the same lamps. Know of no law here

and if I went into one of those stores it would be cash

and no I don’t show ID. We went through this for

CT-Pat certification ( Partners against terrorism )

this is governed by the americans, they say we have to ask

for photo id. The Canadian law says we have no right.

These are construction workers, suppliers ect entering

our site. If they refuse or cannot provide photo ID

we risk a lawsuit for refusing entrance on that bases,

for their loss of earnings ( according to our lawyers )

It cost us $50,000 extra on a parking lot for LED lighting

even though it was less fixtures. Heat emissions are high

for this amount of light ( replacing 400watt high pressure

sodium) the entire top of the fixture is a heat sink.

Haven’t been up to one yet to gage the heat emitted but I

could get the specs