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Most of the posts were done a year ago. It would be interesting to see if the intervening year has made a difference. I have seen a proliferation of low cost consumer LED flashlights, camping tent illuminations and of course tail light AND marker lights on vehicles even the traffic lights have been converted to LED. despite these advances people continue to comment about the poor quality of LED lights for reading lights and general illumination. Many new boats with cabins now come with LED interior lighting as standard so are the complaints justified or is it a case of if it isn’t dirt cheap and looks just like familiar tungsten filament lights then it isn’t any good.

My own tests and product experimentation suggest LED technology is rapidly maturing into very good and usable light fixtures and the price premium is no longer a real detterent when so many of them sell for full retail price at under $10 USD

Is it a case of the US volume market making for better choice and lower pricing or is the European market very similar?