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Number 1 –

there may be different derivatives of this and more modern technology like for Arc Welding which would be alot more expensive.. But in the old days when Street Lamps first came out. First they were Kerosene and then they were “Carbon Arc Lamps”

Similar to those big Monster Search lights that used to advertise Car Lots and Drive in Movies ? Know which ones I mean ?

Well these have Electrode FEEDERS that sense the Voltage by the Gap and have a little mechanism to Feed the Electrode into the correct Gap. The Electrodes I have are Carbon about a foot long and 1/2″ in diameter.

I can also use Stainless Steel and Tungsten

Number 2 –

the Reaction Chamber has a Plasma. During the Reaction the Plasma heats up and boils or evaporates quickly. So I need to pass it thru a Radiator with a Temperature Switch like on a Car. It must be kept at a certain temperature 70-80 C

MY plan is to circulate the plasma with a Tubing Pump (like they circulate Blood in the Hospitals with). Potassium Carbonate, which is mildly corrosive. Cannot come into contact with aluminum, copper, brass, zinc etc

so I am looking for some kind of a Radiator to pass the Plasma thru to Cool it off, but can heat the House with it. Stainless or PLastic perhaps, if nothing convenient, I will just make my own.

the device is alt simpler than it sounds. It is one of the very few Hydrogen Reactors that are serious and work.

I have recipes for making my own Solar Cells…. but this sounds alot more practical to me that making Cells. I mean you can Heat your House with this and Power everything ! Solar Cells sound kinda iffy to me…

I have played with Hydrogen since I was a little kid in elementary school. Guess I was lucky. My son took one to a Science Fair and they kicked him out of school, because they didnt know what it was….

Electrolysis is a quite common Chemical procedure.

It is difficult to find these items, because there arent really any names for it… so cant call and ask around. There is a Used Science Equipment Junkyard in SF near the International Airport…. but dont have the name and dont know anyone down there.

I have only spent about 200$ putting this together. Could have spent more,,, but I am into the simplicity…..