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The almost new propane fridge ended up being a no-go, the good news is the freezer-fridge conversion is working great. We have it pretty well filled, I am working on organizing the foods so that the ones we access more often are in the top basket, and the other foods are in the bottom. One thing I do worry about is raw meat, no matter how carefully packaged, they tend to leak, I certainly do not want to get sick or make anyone else sick, I need to get a leak-proof container that will work well in the space to hold the meat before I cook it, it needs to be glass or metal so that it will be easy to clean and sanitize.

We have had some days with little sunshine, and 2 members of my family are out visiting for a month, so we are using more power than normal, last night we did run out of power in the middle of the night, the inverter woke us with that terrible buzz it makes when the batteries are low. I turned off the power and went back to bed, it was only a few hours until sun-up so the fridge didn’t warm up very much, the freezer box kept the temp quite nicely. With the cloudy days, the batteries haven’t been able to charge up fully, and we don’t have a generator that works (at the moment), gotta work on it, another thing on the list of things to do…

I put 2 small towels in the bottom of the freezer to catch the water condensation, it’s a minor problem and we will probably just install a drain line to take care of that. One of the towels is barely damp, the one in the very bottom is more damp, I’m also hoping that once we are past our rainy season and the humidity goes back down, that will be less of a problem.

I’m still very happy with the whole thing, it typically cycles on for a minute or less each time, perhaps once or twice an hour depending on how often I open it, I can handle that sort of power usage. When we go into winter, I’ll not have to worry about keeping foods cold, I’ll just have to wait and see how this works out all year long.