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A year ago Mamos asked “Are any of these plans any good? Or are they regurgitated information that can be found for free on the web?

I am always cautious of these mini websites that claim so much for so little”

You guessed right the first time. Much of the stuff that is floating around is regurgitated information that is not that great for real applications. And it is equally true that new technology comes along every six months that surpass what was the latest and greatest yesterday. If the stuff really was so great you can bet it would get greater market exposure and promotion.

So many of the early adopters of off-grid living are not well funded for a serious effort at innovative powe generation. The less idealistic and more pragmatic people simply go ahead with whatever works for them. If that consist of running a generator most of the time the idealistic purists view them with distain as not being true blue off-gridders who are not part of the real new wave of the future.