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Nick Rosen

Aloha From Hawaii…. My name is Matt and I am ready to gain my freedom from the grid. I have year round sun and strong wind, and anticipate a hybrid Solar, Wind, Generator, Battery Bank System.

I have never put a system together before and would appreciate the expertise of those in the forum.

My Budget is $12,000 USD.

Here’s What I Need To Know:

What Specific Brands of Equiptment Should I Order?


Pole and Height

Solar Panels

Mounting Brackets

Array Connector




Battery Componets


What am I forgetting?

Where should I make these purchases?

Where should I obtain the Instructions on putting the system together since this will be my first build?

Thank you in advance for anything you can share with me to help me get offgrid. I am anxious to make my orders and get this project started.

Carpe Diem,