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Thank you for all your replys. I can see that I wont have to reinvent the wheel. I can learn from others mistakes. I can also see that there there can be some misunderstanding. I said that I was not going to run the washer and LP dryer or well pump off the batteries. Mr Gordo must have missed that. but thats ok. Mr Elnav does not want me to ruin my batteries so his input is great. I am guessing that you think that the generator will be my only soarce of recharge? I dont know, Like I said earlyer, batteries will be lights, LCD TV, and basic kitchen. I will have a one cyl diesel engine with altinator to run daily to recharge then bank. I am going to check the options of battery voltage 24 or 48. Mr Elnav, when I get closer to moving off the grid, I will make a point to contact you for more details to increase the life if the batteries. FYI, in west michigan, not sure how solar and wind will work for battery up keep.

Thank you.