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washer? dryer? tv? microwave?toaster? and fridge. washer isntnthat much but dryer(look for propane or line dry) with all the appliances and the fridge if you were going 24v would need a minimum of 8 l16’s batteries so you might as well set up 48 and get the extra surge. how deep is the well? what size is the pump. anything over 1/2 hp will be 240v which will be a need a transformer . however the groundfos SQE pump, little more expensive will run on half the surge amps but is a on demand style well pump so in the long run it may use more battery but require less start up watts/amp.

but seriously if you planning on having and using all those appliances your still gonna need a large battery bank so you might as well go 48v.

price wise all the major inverters seem to be about the same price regardless of there volts. same with the rest of the gear. its only the number of batteries to attain that would cost more. also the larger the bank the more resources(solar,wind,hypo) you’ll need to be able to keep up a good charge and maintain the batteries

my 2 cents

cheers g