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In answer to the question of energy consumption. Heat loss from a house interior is directly related to the differential between temperature inside and outside the wall insulated or not. So if you attempt to maintain the whole interior at 72F the heat loss will be X value. Actually iit would be BTU/ Hour but I’m trying to simplefy.

However if you lower the interior temperature to 55F the heat loss will be much lower compared to before.

Forced air heating heats all of the interior and the furniture. Radiant heating directed towards occupants will only be percieved as heating the persons. In reality the occupants will not feel cold if they themselves are warm even if the furniturre is not at the high room temperature.

From economic necessity we have had to cut off the heat in all but the kitchen /living room area of our mobile. To my surprise the rest of the interior dropped to around 55F – 60F and remained at that temperatuer all winter. We got into the habit of sitting with a snug fluffy blanket around us when sitting reading in the evening. During January when outside temps dropped to -35F for a week at a tie we did sleep in arctic sleeping bags.