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I would go look for a portable unit that sits on the floor, and has a Hose vent out. Brands “newair, soleus and sunpentown” come to mind. Some of these units use heat pump technology so they are dual use.

Look for a unit with the best (highest) EER value.

As far as Generators… I believe yamaha and Honda are the most Quiet and moveable units around.

If you know someone who can create a sunken pocket in a floor area of the van and drop the APU there, then build a box over it, then you would be set.

then find a way to get the Gasoline to it.

I think buying a “cheap-Cheap” air conditioner wall unit is Penny wise and dollar foolish. I would rather cut the smallest possible vent to the outsize… hense the 5″ circular hole vs a rectangle thru a window. IMO…