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Dustoffer, I made a point of looking up your link “if saving the earth”

Without exception every one of the points he raises has been dealt with by an in-depth article by National Geographic Magazine. Despite the huge circulation of that illustrious publication we have failed to make much of a dent in the problems. National Geographic magazine supports research, and documentaries not to mention video and other presentation media in an ongoing effort to make a differeence. No doubt much progress is attributable to the efforts of this wonderful organization. The dearth of progress in any of these areas is simply a measure of the herculean task ahead of us. Somewher I read that every copy of NG magazine is also read by others who pass along the copies. The magazine is translated into dozens of languages and is literally distributed around the world. I cannot think of a better effort at raising the awareness of people around the world to the plight facing our planet. Ther are signs that some people are paying attention. Public awareness is better and programs are now in place that did not exist some 50 years ago when I first startedreading NG magazine in Europe.

All we can do is lead by example.