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It depends on the inverter. I had a UPG 1300 that would run a skilsaw and had an idle draw of only .09 amp. Now I have an XPower 3000 in the garage that only uses more power above a certain draw when the cooling fan kicks in, and is turned off when not in use, even though the idle current drain is small. Not as small as the UPG was. The front system is the main and has DR2424s with search mode that only uses 1 milliamp. We have a rechargeable battery powered G2 Swivel sweeper for non carpet areas and a CarpetPro Commercial for the main vacuum. 10amp, HEPA, highest rating with repairmen(they don’t see them). Previous vacuums, even the Kirby, were not built well enough to handle either modified sine wave power or occasional rocks.

The newer car lighter operated ones can have great suction, compared to the past. Oreck looks great.