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I found a lighter adapter with a USB plug on it for £1.95 which is pretty good. My plan is to go to the local breakers yard and take a cigarette lighter port from a car. Then wire it up (with a 15A inline fuse) to crocodile clips which I can then attach to the battery.

My mistake before was that I did a similar thing using a 3 port cigarette panel but used a cheap immersion heater element (to boil a cup of water). Although I measured its drain as being 11A it was enough to get everything melting! The wires were original so I’m suprised it passed any kind of EU regulatory check (it probably didn’t – it was cheap).

I decided to replace the cable with Automotive cable rated at 30A – with crocodile clips on the end.. I lost my confidence in cigarette lighter sockets.. going to leave them for low current uses.. phone chargers etc