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I have a sundanzer freezer model which is running off an amateur

radio power supply. If the power goes out I switch it to batteries.

When I first started the unit it drew power continuously for over

12 hours probably longer so you need to factor that in. It drained

an 80 amp hour battery to 50% and was still not at nominal temp.

Once it is up and running it uses between 4 and 6 amps for

15 to 20 min per hour depending on your settings and the amount

of food stored.

For start up you could probably put a lot of ice inside to get

it to cool down.

There are conversion kits to modify a freezer to a refrig and

vice versa but I really wish I could just flick a switch.

The unit is quite lighweight and when empty is easily manhandled

by one person although lifting is not likely.

I have two 75 watt solar panels which will eventually be hooked up.