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To determine your current from the voltage and wattage you divide the wattage by the voltage, i.e. Current = Wattage/voltage => Current = 5W/12V = 0.416 Amps or 416 mA.

Your small Solar charger could run about 24 of these LED bulbs. Your standard car battery could run a lot more of these. Your six solar panels in a 12V configuration should supply 600 mA of current (assuming the rating of 6V and 200mA was per panel and not the total of all six panels), which you should also be able to run your one LED bulb from.

Your best soution would be to run your bulb from the car battery and use either of your solar sources to charge the battery. If your solar charger is made to charge batteries that would be your best bet as it probably has protection to prevent over charging your battery.

Good Luck!