All depends on how primitive they live… I can only speak for how things are for my family and friends to visit, no flush toilets, we have a simple composting toilet system. We do have internet and wifi so my guests can connect to the outside world if they wish.

It’s probably colder (right now) then most folk are used to, we don’t try very hard to keep the SkyCastle really warm, 50s-60s inside are the norm this time of year so dress warm and bring really warm sleepwear.

Our fridge is a converted chest freezer that is kept outside on a covered porch, no pretty shelves to store all the cold food, you have to reach down into the chest and you might have to remove a few layers of food packaging to get to the milk which is kept at the bottom (coldest part of the freezer to fridge conversion).

Tight quarters is the rule inside the SkyCastle, but we will make sure everyone has a seat. Outside is a different story, we have half a mountain for our family and friends to romp upon, not large enough to really get lost, but you can get away from everyone and enjoy peace and quiet.

We have lights and running water so that is pretty “normal” for everyone.

Where are you going to visit?