Hello Andrew…. from Bob in sunny Florida …. I do a lot of responding on a lot of off-grid sites…… basically I have my off-grid , wild caught , natural fish farm, like free range fish, if they cant forage in the pond to feed them self’s, to bad. A lot of information is on the web about raising fish for money , and its true Tilapia fillates will sell for $10.00 to $15.00 a lb, but you don’t know anything about where they were raised, were the cross sexed, antibodies are needed in high density stocked tanks, and food is it fish chow 2 grades below dog food, go to this web page

https://ag.arizona.edu/azaqua/extension/flyers/Pond_Cultcure_Tilapia.pdf N …..,

A stocking rate of 8,000/acre is frequently used to achieve yields as
high as 4.4 tons/acre. At this stocking rate the daily weight gain will
range from 1.5 to 2.0 grams. Culture periods of 200 days or more are
needed to produce large fish that weigh close to 500 grams.

Now you do the math 4.4 tons per acre every 200 days at $3.00 a lb whole fish … = $26,400 US dollars…

Well enough fish talk so Andrew where are you in your research…. do you have any property …. do you really want to go off-grid or is it a dream? camp out for a month and get the feel of what is needed when the sun goes down, or your hungry because you went threw all your food in the first week, …..as a minimum 2 gal of drinking water a day that’s only 27 days from a 55gal blue drum that weights 458 lbs……jot down your questions …then google them first before you ask for help…..would be happy to work with you but my tutoring rates are $25.00/hr…..keep in touch… you have one free question credit……take care … bob …. bob32l75@aol.com Sunny Florida central east coast