Hey Drew, I’m Linda from the UK too, East. I’m 21 living with my parents, working as a call handler/admin. I am sorry to hear you are feeling like this, I think we all experience it no matter where we are or the people around us. I am lucky to have a couple of people who I can talk to without that weird look you can get. But I am the only one who has an interest in living off-grid.

I didn’t/don’t much about living off-grid either (still learning ) so I spent time researching, seeing what is out there, what people are doing and planning to do.  I am now in the process of organising to do some WWOOFing in the US, for a holiday from work.

Depending on what you are looking for there are a few places local around the UK that you can either volunteer, WWOOF, or do workshops that can give you experience/skills of living off-grid that you could use later when you find a place to call home. Or if you job jump you around as much a mine, take a break and go learn.

When it comes to missing TV etc. I am still on the grid and barely watch it unless I am at someone else’s. Mine had to get packed up for a couple of days, a few months ago. Now it just sits there, I even find myself, thinking about the about of time programme takes up when I do watch them. I figured I have sat around for long enough, now it time to do, test it give it a week and you wont miss it. And you will find you have time for so much more!

I hope you are feeling less alone, the world is full of options we just have to take the first step. It would be great to hear from you see if you have found anything different to me in the UK.