Gill N Martin

Introducing the Crafty Project to the off-grid community.

We are Nicky and Jay, we will be setting up a reasonably self sustained community in Burgundy, France next year. We are asking all like minds to pay attention here because we will be needing well trained people in all things off-grid, whether individuals or families to live full time on site as a collective project management team.

The community (not a commune) will be led by decisions made by the project management team, for the people by the people, so everyone benefits. The project management team will be living rent free with land to create your produce with the added bonus of creating a renewable green energy mesh with all whom want to share it, so no bills.

We also would like to offer an outlet to sell the produce grown and made on the land to the local community and to tourists (at certain parts of the year). Monies made will be used purely for the community, such as annual land taxes (which we can’t get away from), maintenance and future projects to expand the community.

Of course we realize the project managers will need an income, so what they do in their own homes is up to them as long as it doesn’t conflict with the crafty project, however, we will put a percentage share of the co op shop aside for them, so its in their interest to keep it going.

We would like to educate as many as possible in the art of self reliance and sustainability, so we will be holding workshops for all to visit the crafty project with the project managers passing on their valuable knowledge. People will be able to camp on site and take part in the workshops and the working off-grid experience, hopefully continue and pass on the knowledge to others.

We have a website: https://craftyworkshop.org/

We have a group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/craftyworkshop/

And twitter: @workshopcrafty

If you’d like to contact us via email: workshopcrafty@gmail.com