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Reply from Bob….so you want to drink your processed “Gray water”…… if you live in the USA ….I don’t think you can do it……code or health will not pass it…..the chances for contamination entering your system ….airborne mist , leaks , cannot be eliminated ….there are ceramic , silver/ copper , and heat sterilization ……California has the strictest gray water regulation ….Google them….in the end if  you are set on drinking it …please have it tested……..my system will take it to .5mu run it into  a solar still , with a charcoal bed , the UV is in the sun light  plus some elevated temperature , store it in food grade fiberglass tanks , and have a small recirculator pump threw a silver exchange , then

test it….good luck …. Bob ..  32175w@gmail.com .. Bunnell ,  Florida

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