We’ve now been off-grid over 17 years.  Within 8 years there were no debts.  Everything self done with a lot of gumption.    Still need to go to the nearest town with stores about weekly, but I am now 65, and on SSA retirement.  Sweat equity and solar power did it, otherwise we would have to eat garbage ‘food’.  The Earthship only grows enough vegetables year round for one person, in reality.   Land line with half ass ‘high speed’ internet all bundled with Dish TV, and propane for heat, plus maintenance and replacement when necessary.  It is really  necessary to have some links with other people, and to have a source of income, and many talents, with energy to spare.

No island for me at the rate of sea level rise, and the fact that the Atlantic La Palma Slide tsunami and the Pacific Cascadia Event are both due.