In reply to apollo: I hear alot of people use hydroelectricity to create their own electricity in india and many other contries similar, and they get away with it. One article was saying how there are so many people seising these resources apon their land in those areas and making dams without a hole in the bottom for freshwater mussels and other sea life to keep flowing to new areas. And because of incorrect set up they created problems that were entirely preventable. Most likely the officials in US are very weary about people making damms in the wrong places, and correctly, so they ask you for a permit, if you cant obtain a permit even with a safe set up, then it is most likely they simply are preventing you from going off-grid without having to buy solar. But atleast the good news in what I am saying is that there are still places where one can achieve the kind of lifestyle I am portraying, the best of which being to create a ‘green’ dam (one with a hole at the bottom and a mesh protecting the spout) apon a perfectly permanent (perrennial) mountain stream. With this method, the price to go off-grid without being at all primitive is dramatically reduced. Right down to the price of 40k each between four people at two acres, or less if you have more flow than your lands worth, for example, you buy a property of three acres, but the land is niagra falls, and somehow the fact that niagra falls is on your property did not increase its value in proportion to the ammount of electricity you can create. One would be able to supply enough electricity to 600 people who can all pitch in on the cost of land. So with this example, the ”put in” of price each person has to pay decreases depending on two factors: How much people can fit on the land, and how many people can live comfortably under the roof of the ammount of electricity you can generate from a site.