What OFF-GRID means to me. I plan to build a cabin, install solar or water power and use propane for refrigeration. Is this truly off the grid NO. Propane must be bought and food too. We have many different types of people from survivalists to doomsday peppers. I think the best term for OFF-GRID would be modern day pioneering. Living the self sufficient life style. Grow your own food as much as possible and life the simple life, Not that off-grid living is simple. A typical day involves waking up before the sun has and starting the fire making sure you have everything ready for the coming day. Then either chopping wood, gardening or hunting depending on what time of year it is. People talk about the simple life but go back in time and look at the early 1900’s where everyone had to work just to survive, I don’t mean a 9-5 job but the physical labor required just to feed, clothe and warm yourself, only to have to do the same thing every day. And don’t forget your up before the sun and and up long after the sun has set. People refer to this as redkneck or hillbilly style living, but if you look at history we all lived this style in the early 1900’s. Sure we have internet, lighting and automobiles to make life easier but its just a new form of old technology. Candles and ice blocks were fridges and lighting back in the old days. Horse and buggy our cars. Internet and cell phones just another form of the telegraph. But to get to the main point OFF-GRID means not having to rely on the system. IE….. power generation, food stores, medical or dental services, and many other modern conveniences that we all take for granted. I don’t care if you live in a 3000 sq ft house or a 100 sq ft mobile small house or even a 300 sq ft cabin in the woods. If you grow your own food, hunt or even heat your home with wood then you all share the passion for off-grid living in some small part. Its about the want to be self sufficient.