Yes, if you ask me, this kind of thing can only really be accomplished by a fairly big group of people with a small ammount of money, or a small group of people with a large ammount of money, as the land needs to contain within it this permanent mountain stream. Although it is possible to aquire the same conditions at two acres, which would allow a small ammount of people with a small ammount of money (40k each) to accomplish this task, but this would be a very difficult task! One is better off to blow the government alltogether and just set up somewhere. Without any kind of intervention, apon a free earth, one could simply find this location and set up thusly. Ofcourse we cannot do that unless our team was a large portion of the earths population or something >.<. This land will need to be of perfect conditions. Aquiring permits and correctly utilising run of the river hydroelectricity apon a permanent mountain stream would deem my idea absolutely possible!