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Hello you said you would give your self 1-2 years so I’ll try and see if this is still a active post

I too am very interested in liveing off grid with my own created power grid and I am searching for locations.. Witch seems to be the hardest part.. Anyways have you considered stepping it up little more than that? I feel like your thinking too small.. Or at lest i figure if I’d do it I would try for “commercial sized” equipment  like if you can get a natural gas  well (free gas) then you can run a natural gas generator upping your power output. haveing enough power to do whatever you want. Have a indoor small garden all year around? How amazing is that…if you don’t like natural gas idea theres always the old school water turbine… Witch I will have both when I fine a location. Hit me up  if you want to talk sometime or  anyone else that has the same ideals I’m also from pa