Hi Lisa,

I really hope your husband and you can still enjoy each other for a long long time. I still miss mine. It was our plan, to live off-grid, together. Until he got cancer and lost his battle. I continue our plans though. To honor him. I’m sure he would have wanted me to do that.

Of course it is important to keep a good health insurance when go and live off-grid. I hope to stay healthy so I can enjoy living off the grid for a long time. But if serious problems occur and I can’t live in my cabin anymore, then I suppose I have to make a choice to go back into town, into a caring home or something like that.


No I don’t hunt for meat. I buy my meat from an organic farmer who has free range and grass fed beef and chicken. His animals don’t go through the slaughter routine like normal beef does. He kills in his pasture right there, so no stress for the animals.

I do love to fish, but to be honest, I never cleaned a fish. My husband used to do that. Something I suppose I should learn. :-)

And I maybe have to learn how to hunt, but I never ever shoot anything and I’m not sure if I could be good enough to make a good clean kill. And to do that, I need to get a gun. I don’t even have that. :-)

Lisa, I really hope that one day you can achieve your dream.  And I think you can live off-grid any way you want, with whatever you need to be happy. Any idea where you would like to live off-grid?