Hi! I’m a widow, 55 years old. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have a tiny cabin , build last summer. I lived there for a few months, after it was build. It was awesome! For winter I had to go back to my house in town, because I have to change my water storage system.  I got 2 horses, and their water would start to freeze up so much, that I lost a lot of water and had to use more to keep them happy. Can’t store that much in the cabin though, so have to find a solution for that for next winter. I have no power or running water there. I haul water in from a community well. (very cheap, only pay a one time membership fee, and it is great safe drinking water) My cabin has a good woodstove. Just have to keep that going, so it won’t get cold. Sometimes that means getting up in the middle of the night to put another log on the fire. Hope to get a sort of back up heater on propane, that goes on at night when it gets below a certain temperature. It’s nice to sleep through the night and not getting up and lit the stove when it’s only 8 C inside. LOL

I have build my own gardens, which was a lot of work. My soil is pure sand so I had to ad garden soil etc to make it fertile. Still my first harvest wasn’t that great. Needs more garden soil and fertilizer. I do compost too.  I also have build my own shed and wood shed.

It’s not easy to live off the grid by yourself. I do have a cell phone, for safety reasons. I have a generator to charge phone and laptop, but hope to change that into something solar powered. My lights are solar powered or battery operated. My toilet is a bucket that I empty daily into a hole in the ground to compost it. With the sandy soil that is not a problem.

I have to empty my water bucket from dishes and washing also regular, until my sewage system is done. Which is also very simple, pipes that drain the water into a big steel barrel with holes in it, and put 6 feet into the ground (because of our frost during winter). Sewage is only used for dish water and shower water.

I will sell my house in town in the summer and then move to my acreage and live off-grid totally. Even though it is really hard to do it by yourself, it is possible. But I do hope to find another person that would like to come and live on my property and share living costs and chores. But if I can’t find anyone, I will do it by myself anyway. I just love to be on my acreage. It’s so peaceful and quiet. Just wanted to share this with you all, so you know there are more single women living off the grid. Even in Saskatchewan. :-)